FOUNDED BY SOUTH FLORIDA NATIVE AND AWARD-WINNING DESIGNER AND BUILDER GAVIN MCKENZIE, MCKENZIE DesigN has revealed itself as an innovative contender in the realm of architecture design in america.


At McKenzie Design, once we have arrived at a creative position that excites our client, we integrate careful analysis of costs and feasibility into the process. We take pride in participating in turning our clients’ ideas into finished projects.


WE ARE A CAREFULLY Design-ED GROUP Of Architects and Designers


Gavin McKenzie Founder & CEO | José Angel Ortez Design Officer | Gilbert Atick Lead Architect | Eytan Rosencwaig Project Manager | Vanessa Salcedo Project Manager

The More You Know

We are driven by our curiosity. Our solutions are steeped in innovation.

It Takes A Village

Every one of us has something remarkable to bring to the table. Our unique talents come together through purposeful collaboration.

We Live For This Stuff

Our deeply rooted passion for our work is motivated by our desire to improve the lives of others.

The Beauty Is In The Details

We build treasures for our clients by focusing intently on the intricacy of every project from inception to completion.


We support positive thinking and encourage a healthy lifestyle on and off the job.

Named Best Places To Work and Coolest Office by the South Florida Business Journal, McKenzie is the the ideal atmosphere for a candidate who is interested in being a part of a friendly, family-oriented growing company environment, is willing to embrace and thrive in our collaborative, startup-culture work environment, and is enthusiastic and passionate about innovative, sustainable processes.